Server Upgrades

We are currently in the process of upgrading our server cloud.  The Spring season has brought an inflow of many new customers, which means that our infrastructure needs to grow with it.  We also recently suffered a disk crash from which we were able to recover, but not as gracefully and quickly as we wanted.

So we are underway implementing the following improvements:

  1. Additional, more powerful servers.  So far most of our customers were on the “augusta” server which is the one suffering the crash.  As part of recovery, data was moved to “gallica”  and “gemina” server. Soon “augusta” will be back up with the same high performance configuration as “gemina” while “gallica” will revert to being a standby for emergency.
  2. RAID5 redundancy on all disks.  All the new server will spread out data on 3 disks in parallel with full redundancy, using a scheme called RAID5. This means that future disk crashes will be invisible event to our users – disks will be hot-swapped as necessary when a failure is detected.
  3. New backup software which will constantly  move incremental changes from main server on to remote standby server, both in terms of database items as well as uploaded images file, such as camera images and real-time map picture. This software will enable us to very quickly activate a complete standby server in the case of future catastrophic crashes.

We’ll keep you posted!