Tank & Pond Monitoring




  • Support for submersible pressure-based water level sensors and ultrasonic non-contact fluid level sensors
  • Real-time status of level and gallons currently in each tank monitored
  • 1-click graphs show level or gallons over time
  • Ability to define alerts  when levels fall outside criterias
  • Historical reports in PDF format


  • Reduce risk and cost of outages
  • Improve planning of delivery truck schedules
  • Prevent overfills/flows
  • Track water usage

RanchMaster  provides real-time, on-line tank monitoring optimized for use in remote locations and tough environmental conditions. Cost-effective options are available for both single tanks and multiple tank configurations. Typical applications include monitoring the levels of water tanks, fertilizer tanks, ponds, sulphuric acid tanks, water wells.

The software is designed for ease-of-use and allows tracking of tank level using just a web browser from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, alert triggers can be configured to make automatic phone calls or send text messages to key personnel when certain critical conditions arise.

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