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Field Day at AZCAL Management in Lemoore

Tour the irrigation automation and soil moisture monitoring system that was converted from a PureSense installation.

Monday February 9th from 1PM to 4PM 

 AZCAL real time map 
To help growers with installed PureSense stations, Ranch Systems and former PureSense customer  Zach Sheely will be hosting a field day on Monday February 9th from 1PM to 4PM at the AZCAL ranch in Lemoore. AZCAL switched over 3,000 acres of mixed crops over to the RanchMaster in 2013. The field day will include:
  • Tour of AZCAL system, including visiting the soil moisture monitoring station, weather station, wireless valve control station, state-of-the-art VFD pump control station with remote cameras
  • Software demonstrations: Ranch Systems on-line interface and AgWorld farm management software
  • Questions and answer session with Zach Sheely and Ranch Systems

For more information and to RSVP, call or email Mike Bauer at 415-827-7880,

Zach Sheely offers the following testimonial regarding his conversion experience: “I found I wanted more functionality than Irrigation Manager could offer, specifically monitoring flow meters and controlling irrigation valves. Ranch Systems was able to move me over to their RanchMaster platform in the course of one day. I am very impressed with the hardware and functionality.  It is going to allow me to gather reliable measurements and control my system at the same time.  I am also excited about the integration possibilities of the RanchMaster with the exciting new Cloud-based software platform of I wholeheartedly recommend RanchMaster to growers, whether they need to move off the PureSense platform or are looking to apply remote monitoring and control to their applications.”

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