RL200 Valve Controller

RL200 – Valve Controller


The RL200 is an intelligent expansion controller that adds 12 extra control outputs to any Ranch Systems wireless unit. Using RS485 communication, multiple RL200s can be “daisy-chained” on the same wireless unit to provide up to 72 control outputs in a wired network up to a total of 1000 feet.

When used for controlling valves, each of the 12 outputs can be configured as either N.O (normally open) or DC latching. N.O. is used to switch existing 24 VAC irrigation currents while DC latching can be used with compatible solenoids to switch valves using the power provided by the RL200 (ultimately from the host RM210 or RS300 unit).

Outputs in the N.O. configuration can also be used to switch virtually any other pieces of equipment under low-voltage electrical control, such as pump starting circuits or gate opener input.


Relay outputs
Number 12 (expandable to 72)
Connection Terminal block inside unit. Cabling via wire glands in bottom of enclosure.
Functions N.O. (Normally Open) or DC latching (jumper selectable)
Contact rating 48 Volt, 1A maximum
Voltage 7 V DC minimum (provided by host wireless unit)
Consumption Only during switching, max. 10mA + DC latching solenoid consumption
RS485 interface
Cable included 10 ft, 4 pin Conxall Mini-con male
Direct Burial no
UV stability high
Color black
Maximum total length of RS485 network 1000 ft
Enclosure rating NEMA 3R
11.5 x 10.5 x 5.5 (inches)
Weight 11 lbs


  • RM210, RS300 host unit

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