Irrigation Valve Control


Irrigation Valve Control



  • Schedule irrigation on-line from anywhere
  • Base station automatically controls valves
  • Wireless nodes nodes to reach remote manifolds
  • Flow sensors provide feedback
  • Alerts in case of deviations or faults


  • Lower labor costs
  • Increase accuracy (e.g. smaller more frequent sets)
  • Reduce water use (e.g. by night irrigation)

Irrigating multiple, large, and/or remote properties can be very labor intensive.  In addition, it is often difficult to know exactly when (or if) valves were activated and whether or not the desired duration or amount of water distribution was achieved.  Furthermore, in instances where immediate response is required, manual valve activation may not be an option.

Ranch Systems offers an effective and reliable way to address these challenges by managing the full cycle of irrigation, from valve activation through water flow measurement to soil moisture tracking.  The system can be used only for measurement and monitoring, or can be used to activate valves for remote irrigation control or irrigation scheduling. Data gathered by the base station, nodes, and sensors is transmitted to a secure datacenter for real-time viewing using any internet enabled devise and the RanchMaster on-line application.  Charts and graphs allow comparison of data trends, and are relatd to other deployed RanchMaster solutions.

Screen shot of irrigation scheduling (click to enlarge)            Screen shot of irrigation alert configuration (click to enlarge)











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